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Lily Allen Hot

September 3, 2009 by admin


Author: The Style Scout - Source:

Lily Allen is hot. There is no doubt. But she isnt really unknown. Her first Album was in 2006., with the Single “Smile” which went #1 in July in the UK. But I dont care. From my point of view she got famous just now with the new song “Not Fair”.

Her full name is Lily Rose Beatrice Allen and she was born on 2 May 1985 in Great Britain. She is an English pop music singer and songwriter. And she is definitely hot Lily Allen. So I searched some hot pictures of her.

I found her on the cover of the october edition of the magazin Elle UK. She is on the front cover. You can also watch the photoshoot video.

Here some more pictures:

In another blog post I found a Lily Allen slip. Thx to shadowplastic. You can also listen to the track “Fuck you”.

Do you know Lily Allen third nipple? Here it is 🙂

And now the video “Not fair”. Also available in High Definition.

And I am not the only one who think she is hot. Go Clipless wrote:

Actually (not cool) hot!

And of course there is another picture of Lily Allen hot in his blog.


  1. johndoe says:

    thanks for searching these pics.. really hot

  2. rhon says:

    Hmm dont really like her opinion.. but she isnt un-hot at all 😉

  3. mani says:

    Lol her 3rd nipple looks funny
    want to see more pictures of her
    where can I find them?
    cant you take another look for lily allen pics?

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