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Kacey Barnfield

December 27, 2011 by admin

Kacey Barnfield hot

Kacey Barnfield

In Hollywood stars are born every second, keeping up with the newest one can be difficult at times. Kacey Barnfield is achieving that point in her career at the young age of 20 that the powers who control are taking notice. With her higher profile in the movie “Resident Evil: Afterlife” she is being seen by people who may have not known her before.
She began acting at the age of 9, working in commercials as well as television. Most commonly known for her part in the BBC series “The Grange”, Ms. Barnfield is also the girl from the clean and clear commercials. This beautiful young woman is someone that should be watched, her star is merely on the rise.
Now with one of the Resident Evil franchise movies in her resume, Kacey Barnfield is a name to be remembered. Her future remains to be seen in just how high her shining star will rise.

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    Beautiful Women 🙂

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