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Elise and Electra Avellan – Avellan Twins

July 4, 2011 by admin

Avellan Twins

Author: Jason McELweenie

The Avellan twins are a box office sensation. They like to keep their life private, but still shine on the silver screen. Born in Caracas, Venezuela, these girls graced the world on August 12th, 1986. Her Uncle in-law is the famous director/producer, Robert Rodriguez. Their latest movie, Machete, was hailed as a box office smash.

The Avellan twins, Elise and Electra, graced posters that not only showed their talent for being graceful and tough, but showcased their immense pulchritudinous nature. Slashing, shooting, or driving, these beautiful starlets are bound to become legends within their hopefully long and lucrative movie careers .

Unfortunatle I havent found a picture of the nude avellan twins. But a lot other hot pictures.


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