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Alexis Dziena Hot

August 22, 2009 by admin

hot-alexis-dzienaThere she is Hot Alexis Dziena.

She did some movies like “Fools Gold” and “Sex and Breakfast” but still wasn’t really successfull at all. Also she was in different tv shows like “Law and Order” or “Entourage” this year. Her next movie will be “When in Rome” in 2010. We will be curious.


But of course.. she is really hot, so I went out and searched some hot pictures of her.

A lot of hot pictures can be found on here. Like the one to the right.

But I also found a nude picture of her.. nude Alexis Dziena. from the movie “Broken Flowers”. And here is the whole sex scene.

And in another blog, ArtekNYC Blog, are some more hot pics.

But the best of all are the f.. hot videos which I found on youtube. And some are available in High Definition.

Found some more pictures:

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